Create a Faucet

One of the most popular methods for creating a faucet is using micropayment services like Faucethub, which provide an API for tracking and making claims and referrals.

There are many scripts made that you could use. Keep in mind your own design and added content. This will attract more users and are more popular with advertisers.

Script Cost Type Link
King Script $200,- register-Multi-Shortlink-Games Get here!
GR8 $100,- Direct-shortlink-anti-bot Get here!
YFaucet $15,- Register-manual-anti-bot Get here!
Coinbox Free Direct-shortlink Get here!
Alpha Free Direct-shortlink Get here!
faucet-in-a-box Free Direct-shortlink-anti-bot Download!
faucetcms fee per claim Register-Direct or manual Get here!
Salmen's Script Free Register-Direct or manual Get here!
WP 99bitcoins Free Daily payout or set threshold Get here!

- requirements to run a faucet
- a domain.
You will need to buy/register a domain. Or, use one you already have.
free hosting with domains are a bad idea. They mostly don't work and you will get banned for too much traffic very fast.

- hosting.
Along with your domain you will need a hosting service. To start, you can purchase a domain with cloud hosting for around $10,- a year by various services. There are some that accept bitcoin payments.

- Payment system.
With your faucet script you need to be able to pay your users. The most popular is using a microwallet service like Faucethub. You can choose the option to run a faucet. Just fill in the required information fields, copy your API key and paste that key in your script.

- Funds and Advertisers
You will need to start with sufficient funds to pay your users before you reach a payout threshold at any of your ad networks. The best advice is to start with at least double of that threshold. Especially reaching the first payout and sufficient alexa rank to get accepted by other networks.
Click the link below to see a great list of ad networks for faucets.

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- anti-bot features.
Seriously, Bots are a scourge for faucets. They are relentless, they are criminal and they do not care. People that use them are nothing more then common thief's and do not care they will ruin your website or project.

To combat them the first line of defense are captcha's. Every faucet script has them. you will need to register to their services to add your security keys.
Next you might like to add ant-bot codes, most faucets don't bother since they are a pain for your regular users as well.
If you have some coding skills you might try to find a way to add your own unique features.

- Shortners
To continue running your faucet and paying your users you will need a way to generate revenue. The most used method is showing ads.
Using shortlink services is another popular way to earn. To find a very nice list of shortners, click the link below.

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Mining is also a method to increase revenue. Using pre-made scripts your visitors will mine for you by using their computing power. This is generally frowned upon, since it has a chance to ruin devices and are used to inject malware. Particularly if you do not inform your visitors.