What is a faucet?

Faucets, in short, are websites that give away tiny pieces of cryptocurrency. Usually in set time intervals. Thus dripping like a faucet.

You might want to know more about Microwallets too since they are an intricate part of the faucet and micro earnings world.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency faucets, like freebcc.org, are able to give out these tiny amounts for free thanks to ad revenue. Some have additional means to generate revenue, like background mining software, But freebcc.org does not.

Before you start you will need to have a wallet for your chosen cryptocurrency. If you do not have one, it is advised to google this, and then look for a review on the one you like the look of best. The recommendation to google is because this should automatically filter out any results that might be illegal in your region.

General How to claim Q&A.

Q: Why do people give away free Bitcoin, ETH or other Cryptocurrencies?
A: By claiming free crypto coins you have to visit a website with lots of ads. These websites make money from displaying these ads. So, there is no loss for the people giving away free coins.

Q: How do I get these free crypto coins?
A: On the website you want to claim the free coins, you will have to fill in your specified coin address and go through a short process to proof you are human. This is usually just a captcha. Sometimes there are anti-bots in place. These are also very easy, but a little more time consuming.

Q: What do I need?
A: You will need a wallet to store your coins. A wallet can generate a new address (public key) for you. Use this address to receive your coins. These can be installed on your computer, smartphone or just get one online. Sometimes you will need to register with a faucet via an email address. This is only needed once, to make sure you are not a bot.
Most Faucets use a microwallet service. Like with every faucet found on freebcc.org, you will need to register there first to receive claims.

Q: Where do I get a wallet?
A: Choosing your wallet is really important. If you install one on your computer the safety of your coins are in your own hands. This also includes having access to the private key. Getting a smartphone wallet is also very easy. It is recommended to use a smartphone wallet as a regular wallet. A smartphone wallet is easy to use and spend with, but also easy to loose. Getting a online wallet is really easy. This will always mean that the wallet provider really controls your coins.
For choosing your wallet it's best to google research them.

Q: Do I receive these claims directly in my wallet?
A: Nope. There is always a threshold to reach first. This means they will only send a minimum amount to your wallet. So you will have to return occasionally to reach that limit. Some Faucets pay to an online microwallet. This means you can collect from several faucets to faster reach the minimum threshold. faucethub.io is a great example for this. You can collect several types of coins there registering with your actual wallet address for payouts.

Q:Can I get rich claiming free coins?
A: Not really, The amounts per claims are worth pennies. Some faucets have a chance for a big price, though.

Q: Why should I bother then?
A: Well, The claiming does not have to be hard work of time consuming. Just visit your favorite faucet when you're bored, or waiting on the bus. After a while your claims will have accumulated and, with a little luck, have significantly increased in worth. The great example for this is the original Bitcoin. In 2010 there already were faucets to promote the coin. Back then you could claim 0.1 BTC per visit. Witch 7 years later are worth $250,-
The most important part is that you will get first hand experience in the cryptocurrency world without having to invest money first.

Q: So there is only gain and no risks?
A: No. There are most definitely risks. There are false faucets out there. They will either try to just collect information from you (for whatever reason) or, try to install malicious software on your computer.

Tips for fauceteers.
There are some tips to consider when browsing around all the faucets out there on the internet.
Some might be a little on the nose but still worth mentioning.

- Install a free pop-up blocker for your browser.
This will save a lot of time and block a lot of pop-ups. Even though we have them too on our faucets, because faucets cannot survive without its income.

- Pause your adblock when claiming.
Yes, you will get a warning about it every time you visit a faucet to turn it off. After a while this will save a lot of time.

- Use one wallet address per crypto.
Do not make a lot of addresses to claim with. This will get you banned eventually. You will be seen as a bot attack.

- Make or use a favorites list.
There are a lot of faucet rotators you can use for this as well. But, making your own list of faucets to visit regularly will help wasting browsing around and using google a lot.

- To contradict the previous tip:
Visit bitcointalk micro earnings board to see the newest faucets being advertised. These usually have the highest rewards but also usually have the shortest life spans.

- Do not waste all your time.
Of course depending on where you live in the world, this is no way to earn a living. Your claims may eventually make a nice sum, with prices skyrocketing all the time and so on. But, do not think of it as a short term money making exercise. Claim in your spare time, with your mobile, waiting on a bus, watching tv, browsing the internet and so on.

- Use your referral links.
This might not look like it would help much. Or you don't think you know anybody that would visit your referral link. It will help your earnings. Keep in mind various rules on bitcoin and crypto related websites that do not allow referral links.

- Do not fall for large sums of free bitcoin scams.
Seriously, it is amazing how many people still fall for big scams. They advertise free large sums of bitcoin, and at the end of the process ask you to send a little bit for whatever reason. If you are asked to invest or send them coins, just walk away.

- Do not use browser mining.
This is a relatively new thing since 2017. Some websites offer an option to use your computer, laptop, smartphone or whatever device, to mine and send hashes for satoshi's. This is really far more expensive for you than any gain. It will use your hardware and electricity and may even overheat your CPU. The only ones making any profit are the website owners. Be aware that some websites may not even warn you that they have this running. To be sure you are safe you should search for the most recent anti-web-mining extension for your browser.