about markets & exchanges

You might have heard about them, or even used one to buy your first cryptocurrency.

Exchanges are not all the same except that they all have the option to trade your coins for others and you can set your own rates. weather they trade for the rates you set is fully dependable on the rates others place.

Big differences between them usually are the amounts that are traded, the fees that you need to pay for trades, deposits and withdrawals.

Before you start to use one or more its best to read the terms and search for independent news. for some countries you might find some have restrictions.

It is not advisable to keep your coins in an exchange if you do not plan to use them soon.

Circa May 2018 there are around 200 registered cryptocurrency exchanges. Each one works a bit different, each one has other security or identification features and they all have different limits for trading, depositing or withdrawals.
There are no real complete market lists out there, since the environment keeps changing. For the most comprehensive list of markets and their trading volumes plus more, you could use the following websites:


to keep track of all coins and tokens you are interested in, you might like to try Apogee Portfolio tracker.

Almost every exchange has a trollbox. This is a chat window or section for traders. This is called a trollbox because 99% of the advice given there is to get you to do something that will let them make more out of it.
The best advice is to completely ignore that and not even ask any questions there.

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A great way to keep informed about the newest and upcoming cryptocurrency projects available for investers is Coinmarketcal.