Paying Shortlink Providers

To boost your earnings, and be able to pay your users more, you might consider using shortlinks.
Shortlinks are services that pay you to have people go through a page filled with ads. these pages usually have a captcha as well, to make sure users stay on the page long enough and to verify they aren't bots.
Depending on your faucet script they can be integrated with your faucet.
Below is a list of verified shortlink services that accept faucet websites.

Shortner Payout Threshold Link
LINKREX 1$5,- BTC Register
BTCMS 5$,- FaucetHub, BTC Register
Crypto-SkipAds 3$,- PP Register
PowClick 3$,- PP Register
Tmearn $3,- BTC Register
Oke $5,- BTC Register
Linktor $10,- BTC Register
AdsPuma $1,- BTC, FH Register
bitstlk $3,- BTC, PP, FH Register
AdPop $5,- BTC, PP Register
ShortedBind $1,- BTC, LTC, FH Register
EgyCut $5,- BTC, PP Register
Linkat $5,- BTC, PP Register
GettyLink $5, PP Register
Link Money $5, PP Register
RepayOne $5, PP Register
Cut Fly $5, PP Register
WICR $5, PP Register
Url Encurta $5, PP Register
Fire Link $5, PP Register
Vivads $5, PP Register
Srt Fly $5, PP Register
Url Cash Me $5, PP Register
Earn Url $5, PP Register
Adz Li $5, PP Register
Shortlink Win $5, PP Register

*Only selected shortlink services that have the pay option in cryptocurrency. CPM and payout thresholds are subject to change.

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